ERPLAB Toolbox is a free, open-source Matlab package for analyzing ERP data. It is tightly integrated with EEGLAB Toolbox, extending EEGLAB’s capabilities to provide robust, industrial-strength tools for ERP processing, visualization, and analysis. A graphical user interface makes it easy for beginners to learn, and Matlab scripting provides enormous power for intermediate and advanced users.

ERPLAB v8.20



To install ERPLAB v8.20, download the zip file (linked above), unzip and place the folder in the 'plugins' folder of your existing EEGLAB installation (e.g. /Users/Steve/Documents/MATLAB/eeglab2019_1/plugins/erplab/). More installation help can be found here.

To run ERPLAB, ensure that the correct EEGLAB folder is in your current Matlab path, and run eeglab as a command from the Matlab Command Window. Find our tutorial here.

We encourage most users to use this latest major version.

ERPLAB compatibility

We anticipate that ERPLAB will work with most recent OSs, Matlab versions and EEGLAB versions.

  • The Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox is required
  • EEGLAB v12 or later is recommended.
  • A screen resolution with height of more than 720 pixels is recommend.

Find more ERPLAB installation help here.

ERPLAB compatibility table

Here is a list of some confirmed-working environments for ERPLAB.

ERPLAB v8.0 works with…

OS Matlab EEGLAB Working?
Mac OS 10.13.5 'High Sierra' Matlab R2015a EEGLAB v14.1.2
Mac OS 10.13.5 'High Sierra' Matlab R2018a EEGLAB v14.1.2 ✓ with Matlab update
Mac OS 10.15 'Catalina' Matlab R2016a EEGLAB v2019_1
Windows 7 Matlab R2014a EEGLAB v13.5.4b
Windows 10 Matlab R2015a EEGLAB v13.5.4b
Windows 10 Matlab R2016a EEGLAB v2019_1
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Matlab R2014a EEGLAB v13.5.4b
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Matlab R2019a EEGLAB v2019_1

ERPLAB should work with most modern OSs, Matlab versions, and EEGLAB releases. Let us know if you see any incompatibility.

Release Notes

ERPLAB v8.20 Release Notes

Now includes:

Fixed bug in continuous data artifact rejection when user wants to join segments of EEG that are close together

Fixed universal text import to ERPset files for data with low samples (rounding error fix).

Fractional area latency measurement bug fixed.

Updated statistical jackknifing routine to pass data quality options parameter. Updated for ERPlab v8.X+.

Fixed current source density transformation GUI.

Fixed bug that prevented preservation of electrode channel location information in EEG and ERP Channel Operations (and respective GUIs).

Fixed order of electrode channel output to user's specifications (columns of exported measurement file), and fixed column offset bug of ERPset name in exported measurement files.

ERPLAB v8.02 Release Notes

ERPLAB v8.02 adds a colormap to help visualize the Data Quality Table info

ERPLAB v8.01 Release Notes

ERPLAB v8.01 adds binorgEEG functions to v8.0

ERPLAB v8.0 Release Notes

With ERPLAB v8.0, we include new tools for assessing measures of Data Quality Metrics in EEG ERP data.

  • Data Quality Metrics
    • The ERP Averager will calculate these Data Quality Metrics by default
    • A new submenu in the ERPLAB menu ('Data Quality options') allows access from the EEGLAB-ERPLAB GUI.
    • A new table interface to show all the data quality information from an ERP set with DQ_Table_GUI(ERP) or through the above GUI menu option.
    • These data quality metrics can be summarized on the Command Window, saved to Mat structure or exported to Excel, or plotted in the above interactive table.
    • The data quality information and metadata is stored in a new structure, ERP.dataquality

  • New options for calculating, viewing, and saving, frequency spectra, in the compute_fourier(EEG) function


ERPLAB tutorial, manual, and other documentation can be found on the ERPLAB wiki, here.

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