Channel Estimation

This repository simulates an FBMC and OFDM transmission over a doubly-selective channel, including doubly-selective MMSE channel estimation in combination with interference cancellation.
All figures from R. Nissel et al. “Doubly-Selective Channel Estimation in
FBMC-OQAM and OFDM Systems”
, IEEE VTC Fall, 2018, can be reproduced.

Supported Waveforms:

  • OFDM
  • FBMC, channel estimation: auxiliary symbols
  • FBMC, channel estimation: data spreading

Note that I use a matrix based system model. This makes the derivation of the correlation matrices relatively easy but also requires a large memory. If one wants to simulate over a higher bandwidth, either the system model must be split into smaller chunks, or the matrices must be explicitly expressed by summations.


We used Windows 7 (64bit) and Matlab R2013b/2016a, but newer versions (and some older) should also work.

Basic Properties

Our doubly-selective channel estimation method performs close to perfect channel knowledge:

The first iteration step greatly improves the BER, which soon saturates:

Reproducible Figures

All figure from “Doubly-Selective Channel Estimation in FBMC-OQAM and OFDM Systems” can be reproduced. The figure numbers are the same as in the paper.

Additional Explanations for Channel Estimation in FBMC

The Matlab code SimpleVersion_DoublyFlat.m simulates an FBMC and OFDM transmission over a doubly-flat channel, including channel estimation. In particular, it illustrates the auxiliary symbol method and the data spreading approach, with much less overhead than for the doubly-selective channel estimation method. The script is based on my paper “On pilot-symbol aided channel estimation in FBMC-OQAM”.

Please Cite Our Paper

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