Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation (FBMC)

This repository compares FBMC to OFDM based schemes. All Figure from R. Nissel, S. Schwarz, and M. Rupp, “Filter bank multicarrier modulation schemes for future mobile communications”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2017,
can be reproduce. In particular this repository

  • calculates the Power Spectral Density (PSD),
  • simulates a MIMO transmission,
  • calculates the Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) in doubly-selective channels,
  • calculates the time-frequency efficiency,
  • simulates the throughput.


We used Windows 7 (64bit) and Matlab R2013b/2016a, but newer versions (and some older) should also work. Note that Figure 12 requires the Matlab “Communications System Toolbox” for turbo coding.

Reproducible Figures

The figure numbers are the same as in “Filter bank multicarrier modulation schemes for future mobile communications”:

Additional Explanations of FBMC

  1. Explained_A_PrototypeFilters.m: Illustration of different prototype filters.
  2. Explained_B_FBMC_OQAM.m: Describes a back-to-back FBMC-OQAM transmission, based on Section III. In particular, the transmit matrix (18)-(22) as well as the IFFT approach (32) are implemented.
  3. Explained_C_Coded_FBMC_OQAM.m: Shows how to find the precoding matrix, see (26) and (27), allowing QAM transmissions in FBMC-OQAM at full rate. Furthermore, it illustrates the time/frequency spreading concept.
  4. Explained_D_SIR_DoublySelectiveChannel.m: Implements Equation (35)-(40). Furthermore, it compares the theoretical values to simulations.

5G New Radio

We also include a comparison to New Radio (NR) waveforms (WOLA, UFMC, f-OFDM):

  1. NR_5G_BER_DoublySelectiveChannel.m: Simulates the Bit Error Ratio (BER) in a doubly-selective channel. It compares FBMC-OQAM, CP-OFDM, WOLA, UFMC and f-OFDM.

  2. NR_5G_SIR_TimeFrequencyOffset.m: Calculates the Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) in case of a time and a frequency offset for FBMC-OQAM, FBMC-QAM, CP-OFDM, WOLA, UFMC and f-OFDM.

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