CADSTAR全方位的解决方案包含了示意图、电路板和FPGA系统、PCB布线、高速和信号完整性、EMC分析、3D碰撞分析和生成制造结果。此外,Cadstar经过了优化,验证了3D环境下的PCB布局。其支持标准3D设计格式(STEP、ACIS、STL和IDF)接口,可以为电气和机械工程师提供协同设计环境。机械附件中的PCB 3D视图,使得工程师可以在生成PCB制造结果之前检查冲突和/或所需的间距。 Design solutions

  • Design engineers

CADSTAR’s ability to create mixed hierarchical and multi-sheet schematics helps organize even the most complex designs; while the connective database automatically maintains net intelligence and design constraints throughout the tool flow.

  • Layout professionals

CADSTAR’s customizable user interface, ability to support any layer and element (pads, tracks, etc.) definitions and powerful interactive tools let you design the way that suits you.

  • High-speed specialists

CADSTAR Constraint Manager adopts a familiar spreadsheet paradigm that dramatically simplifies the complex process of managing the hierarchical rules involved when implementing today\’s high performance devices. CADSTAR options

  • CADSTAR Schematic & Variants is available as a separate add-on so you can extend your CADSTAR network across your entire engineering team
  • Variant Manager ensures you maintain only one master design that includes all production variants, whether for sets of non-fitted Parts or alternate Part values
  • CADSTAR FPGA adds HDL development to the CADSTAR design flow
  • Placement Planner provides the design engineer with the interactive and automatic placement and checking tools to pre-place critical components and reuse blocks, define track width and spacing constraints, update the layer stack to ensure impedance rules are met, and more
  • IDF interface provides a simple means to exchange board profile and placement data between PCB Layout and your 3D MCAD design tool
  • Place & Route Editor XR5000HS adds not only Zuken\’s proven high-speed routing technology for length- or timing-constrained routing, differential-pair routing, impedance controlled routing, but also includes Rules-by-Area and a host of other high performance routing utilities
  • Dragon Router adds routing automation to take the effort out of high complexity digital layouts
  • SI Verify lets you analyze the data quality of your digital designs, explore alternative strategies and verify proposed solutions before committing the time and expense of building a prototype
  • Power Integrity Advance helps you predict, analyse and control design issues that impact the power distribution and EMC emission of your PCB layout
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