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CyberWorkBench enables higher design efficiency, low power and high performance of the chip by allowing designers to implement hardware at the algorithmic level. This “All-in-C” high-level synthesis and verification tool set for ASIC and FPGAs (Xilinx/Altera) reduces the development time and cost significantly.Designers can describe hardware at higher abstraction level using SystemC and ANSI-C and using CyberWorkBench they can generate highly optimized RTL for their ASIC and FPGAs (Xilinx/Altera) chip. Automatic pipelining, power optimization and powerful parallelism extraction allows designers to generate smaller and low power designs compared to manual RTL design approach.
“All-in-C” Synthesis Behavioral synthesizer in CyberWorkBench can synthesize any type of application including control dominated circuits and datapath. This best-in-class high-level synthesizer features automatic pipelining, power optimization and powerful parallelism extraction to reduce chip area and power through maximum resource sharing. Designers with IP/RTL legacy modules can use top level structural description generator and can easily connect to C-based modules. To improve the design productivity CyberWorkBench also includes numerous behavioral IPs that can be retargeted to different implementation technologies or system requirements. All-in-C” Verification CyberWorkBench provides powerful static and dynamic verification tools to make debugging of larger designs much easier. Formal verification of the high level source code using C level property checker enables designers to describe assertions and properties directly in C source code. Built-in automated testbench generator cuts verification time by allowing re-usage of untimed C stimulus in SystemC and RTL simulation. Top Benefits

  • Support for both control dominated circuits and datapath module
  • Dedicated technology support for Altera & Xilinx FPGAs
  • Best-in-class High-Level Synthesizer that features automatic pipelining, power optimization, powerful parallelism extraction
  • Powerful graphical analysis capabilities for synthesized circuits
  • C-based Formal Verification using assertions and properties
  • Automatic top level structural description generator to connect C-based modules and legacy RTL modules
  • Powerful SystemC source code debugger
  • Legacy/IP RTL code to SystemC converter for easier migration to C-based design flow
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