制造商:CADopia Inc

  • 软件的数据格式为DWG,即与AutoCAD有很友好的数据兼容性。可导入、导出为PDF
  • 3D建模能力。CADopia使用ACIS实体建模内核,提供诸如旋转、拉伸、扫描等建模功能
  • 制图能力。视窗化的图形区域,所见即所得
  • 采用功能区(Ribbon)界面
  • 支持打印和绘图
  • 表格编辑
  • 能创建和编辑图形块,也能识别AutoCAD图纸的图形块



FEATURES CADopia 16 Pro Edition AutoCAD 2016 AutoCAD LT 2016
Native DWG Support Yes Yes Yes
AutoCAD v2.5 to 2016 dwg Support Yes No No
Import and Convert .pdf to .dwg Yes Yes No
Power Trim Yes No No
AutoCAD Command Line Support Yes Yes Yes
Support for AutoCAD 3D Surface Commands Yes Yes No
ACIS Solid Modeling Yes Yes No
Multiple Paperspace Layouts Yes Yes Yes
AutoLisp Support (Including DCL) Yes Yes No
Autodesk Development System Support Yes No No
Object ARX Support No Yes No
AutoCAD Menu and Script File Support Yes Yes Yes
Truetype Font Support Yes Yes Yes
Raster Image Support Yes Yes No
Mtext Editor Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Open Drawings Yes Yes Yes
Explorer for Managing Layers, Blocks, Linetypes, and more Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft ActiveX Support Including Dupport for in-place Editing Yes Yes No
Microsoft VSTA Yes Yes No
Script Recorder Yes No No
Graphical Block Preview Yes Yes No
Visual Menu Customization Yes Yes Yes
Right Mouse Click Menu Support Yes Yes Yes
Photorealistic Rendering Yes Yes Yes
Boundary Hatch Yes Yes No
DWF Support Yes Yes No


FEATURES CADopia 16 Standard Edition CADopia 16 Professional Edition
File support
AutoCAD DWG Support Yes Yes
DGN Import No Yes
PDF Import & Convert to .DWG No Yes
DXF Support Yes Yes
Template Drawings Support Yes Yes
Drawing Web Format Yes Yes
Audit & Recovery of Files Yes Yes
Popular Raster Files Support Yes Yes
PDF Export Yes Yes
SVG Export Yes Yes
ACIS SAT Export Yes Yes
User Interface
Multiple Drawing Editing Yes Yes
Dockable Properties Toolbar Yes Yes
Drawing Tab Yes Yes
Ribbon Interface Yes Yes
Properties Tool Palette Yes Yes
Tool Matrix Yes Yes
Right Click Context Menus Yes Yes
Command Prompt Yes Yes
Options Manager Yes Yes
Standard Command Sequence Yes Yes
Layer Management
Layers Toolbar Yes Yes
Layer State Manager Yes Yes
Layer Tools Yes Yes
Non-rectangular Viewports Yes Yes
Annotation Scaling Yes Yes
Viewport Clipping Yes Yes
Dimensions Yes Yes
Dimension Styles Yes Yes
Dimension Palette Yes Yes
Blocks and external references
External Reference Manager Yes Yes
In place Editing of Blocks and External References Yes Yes
External References Clipping Yes Yes
Hatch & Color Fill
Hatch Patterns Yes Yes
Pattern Hatch Yes Yes
Gradient & Solid Fill Yes Yes
Miscellaneous Key Features
Xtra Tools No Yes
True Color Support Yes Yes
VoiceNotes Yes Yes
Wipeout Yes Yes
Tables & Table Editing Yes Yes
Migration Assistant Yes Yes
Curved Text No Yes
Multiline Text Editor Yes Yes
Spell Checking Yes Yes
TrueType Fonts Yes Yes
Multi-language Character Support Yes Yes
3D Solid Modeling
3D Primitives Support No Yes
Extrusion & Revolution No Yes
Lofting No Yes
Sweep Along a Path No Yes
Mass Properties Calculation No Yes
3D Booleans (union, intersect, subtract) No Yes
Shell No Yes
Fillet No Yes
Edge & Face Editing Operations No Yes
Interference Checking No Yes
Slice No Yes
Section No Yes
3D Rotation No Yes
3D Mirror No Yes
3D Align No Yes
Model Integrity Checking No Yes
3D Pattern No Yes
Integrated Lightworks Artisan Rendering No Yes*
Pre-configured Workflows No Yes*
Shaded/Rendered/Wireframe/Mesh Display Modes No Yes*
Schemes No Yes*
Lights Settings No Yes*
Material Library No Yes*
Camera Settings No Yes*
Backgrounds No Yes*
Export of Rendered Images No Yes
‘What if’ Scenario Testing No Yes
Printing & plotting
Multiple Layout Sheets Yes Yes
Layout Viewports Yes Yes
Color Table Support Yes Yes
Style Table Support Yes Yes
Visual Menu & Toolbar Customization Yes Yes
Alias Management Yes Yes
User Profile Management Yes Yes
Print Configuration Management Yes Yes
Programming support
AutoLisp No Yes
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications No Yes*
Single Yes Yes
Floating Network Yes Yes
Terminal Server Yes Yes
Educational No Yes
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