Altium DXP Developer

制造商:Altium Limited
Altium DXP Developer integrate your existing business systems, enterprise or design tools with Altium products using the DXP Developer program. From a single custom product extension for your organization, to a publically released product that uses our licensing and global deployment network, the DXP Developer program has the tools, the team and reach to help you successfully build and deploy your extension.
The Extension architecture of Altium DXP Developer is incredibly flexible and provides an immense amount of freedom to implement any sort of tool. The provided SDK examples are a great starting point and the integration with external tools (i.e., Visual Studio) is seamless. The provided documentation is quite good and questions that remain unanswered were immediately answered by the Altium technical team.

  • Powerful engineering platform

By integrating your product with Altium Designer and the unified DXP engineering platform, you’re able to access this extensive user base. Alternatively, locally extend product capabilities with new functionality or connect to your business systems to automate your workflow, and keep your secret sauce recipe in-house.

  • Distribution through the Altium Extensions platform

Distribution, licensing and installation of the extensions you’ve developed are handled by a streamlined deployment system. Altium has a number of distribution models available to target individual AltiumLive users, specific organizations, or all users of Altium Designer and the Altium Vault product family. Leveraging our vast sales network is also an option.

  • Altium developer program

The Altium DXP Developer extension is only available as part of your subscription to the Altium Developer Program. This membership includes ongoing support and the necessary SDKs for building DXP extensions for products, as well as access to software distribution system.

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