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CircuitLogix Pro is an electronic design automation (EDA) software tool from Logic Design Inc. that seamlessly integrates schematic capture and simulation in one complete program. Professional schematic capabilities include a built-in device editor, a macro feature for hierarchical devices, and automatic wire routing. These features allow users to quickly create high-quality schematics for documentation.

CircuitLogix Pro allows users to simulate any combination of analog and digital components. Mixed-model simulation is as easy and the speed and accuracy rivals EDA tools costing thousands of dollars. Along with the expanded simulation capability, the professional version features a larger device library of over 10,000 devices, easier SPICE model import, and no limit on the number of pins for an individual device.

With the pro version, designers can export CircuitLogix schematics as PCB netlists for use in printed circuit board layout products. CircuitLogix features a proven, accurate 32-bit SPICE3f5/XSpice-based simulator for analog and mixed-signal circuits, and a fully interactive digital logic mode when only logic simulation is needed. The simulations give real-world results designers can trust. The professional version of CircuitLogix allows designers to test and trouble-shoot circuits in a \”virtual electronics lab\”, without worrying about bad parts or faulty connections that often plague traditional prototyping. And with a click of the free-floating Probe tool, users can instantly see waveforms and measurements on virtual instruments like the digital oscilloscope, curve tracer, bode plotter or digital multimeter.

Using simulation tools like CircuitLogix, students, engineers, designers, and bench technicians all have the freedom to try all the \”what-if\” scenarios – changing parts or component values, then re-running the simulation to see how changes affect the circuit\’s operation and performance. This type of testing is not always feasible with traditional breadboarding methods. CircuitLogix Pro operates on all Windows platforms, including Windows 10.

We have made the support of education a strong company focus, and as such we have in place a generous educational discount policy which offers affordable individual and site licenses on all products, for education institutional labs and classrooms. These site licenses allow you to install the software on multiple computers, or on a network enabling multiple users at the same time. And best of all, if you decide later to increase the size of your license, we\’ll give you full credit for what you\’ve already purchased towards the new larger license! Please contact the sales department at Logic Design for educational discounts and multi-user site license pricing.

The pro version of CircuitLogix allows you to design and edit your own devices and models for an unlimited number of virtual components. It also includes 3DLab, which is a revolutionary software product that combines an interactive 3-dimensional learning environment and \”real world\” electronic devices and tools to greatly enhance the user\’s comprehension of electronics. It includes:

The features of CircuitLogix Pro include:

Highly intuitive graphic user interface
Versatile circuit node naming
Automatic point-to-point wiring
Wire connectivity maintained during moves
Automatic Bill of Materials generation
PCB netlist export
Snap grid with device \”nudging\” using arrow keys
Device rotation in 90 degree increments
Rotate, Mirror and Repeat placement
Undo, Redo, Duplicate and Merge circuits
Zoom in or out 10%-1000%
Wide range of user-definable colors
Fully stylized multi-line text
Alphanumeric pin designations; barred pins; vertical or horizontal pin orientation
Fit-circuit-to-window feature
Click-and-drag wire repositioning
User-sizable connection area for wires
Multiple wires to the same device pin
Cut and extend wires
Context-sensitive on-line Help
Right-click pop up menus for quick access to editing tools and features
Extensive component library includes:

Semiconductors: Semiconductor Resistors & Capacitors, Diodes, Schottky & Zener Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Varactor

Displays, Indicators, Switches: LEDs, 7-Segment LEDs, Hex Display, Hex Key, Logic Display, NC PushButton, NO PushButton, SPDT PB, Piezo Buzzer, Pulser, Latch Coil, Polar Latch, Rocket, SCOPE, Stepper, Stoplight, Window

Digital primitives: Gates, DeMorgan symboled gates, buffers, inverters, flip-flops

Digital ICs: 1K RAM, 32×8 PROM, complete selection of 40xx, 41xx, 45xx, 47xx, 74xxx IC\’s

Linear ICs: Op Amps, Comparators, Timers, Buffers, CDAs, Modulators, A/D & D/A converters, PLL, VCO

Transistors, FETs: BJT\’s, IGBTs, UJTs, PUTs, MESFETs, MOSFETs, Darlingtons

Relays: SPST, DPDT, Individual contacts and coils (enable creation of any relay)

Supplies, Sources: Battery, Voltage Terminal, Signal Generator, I Source, V Source, I->I Source, V->I Source, I->Switch,V->Switch, I->V Source, V->V Source

Math devices: A wide variety of devices for manipulating quantities

Miscellaneous Devices: Crystals, Fuses, Transformers, DC Motor, F-V & V-F converters

Transmission lines: Lossles, Lossy, and Uniform Distributed RC

Vacuum Tubes: 12AU7, 12AX7, 5879, 6L6GC, 6SN7, 7199P, 7199T

Instruments: Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Bode Plotter, Curve Tracer, Data Sequencer, Signal Generator, Logic Analyzer, Logic Probe, Logic Pulser

Simulation Controls: Initial Condition and Nodeset devices

Miscellaneous: Optoisolators, Photodiodes, Regulators, References, SCRs, Triacs
Every copy of CircuitLogix Pro includes a comprehensive printed User Manual and Device Library Guide.

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