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Native Board Import as a link between electronics and mechanics

The NBI is the perfect solution for the frequently missing link between the world of electronics (2D/ECAD) and that of mechanics (3D/MCAD). Due to the ever-increasing integration density and the miniaturization of electronic components, NBI offers an enormous progress in the area of 2D for the conversion of 2D to 3D data.

These changes are also affecting the 3D area, where the mechanical demands on the housing and the environment are becoming increasingly complex. Due to these growing requirements, there will be an ongoing need to correlate the resulting interactions in the future.

Create a full representation of your board within your MCAD from your ECAD data. Define the stack-up, indicating what should be included in the 3D import, for your MCAD – there is no limitation. With Native Board Import (NBI), all layers are available within ODB++, which can be converted to a 3D Part and placed in an assembly at the right position. All objects are drawn on the sketcher and will be extruded with the defined value. Anything can be imported in 3D or into a 2D drawing. Every function available within M-CAD can be applied to the import without any limitation. All data will be “native” within your M-CAD system.

By importing native ECAD data into CATIA/SolidWorks/SiemensNX/SolidEdge with the help of \”Native Board Import\” (NBI), there will be created a bridge between the two worlds of 2D and 3D. This bridework will open up unimagined possibilities for you. Important questions can now be clarified in advance, thus minimizing the number of prototypes. Accuracy in data transfer is the future with NBI.

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