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KISS系统附加到 KISSOFT,使用户能够设计整个传输。分析同时执行所有齿轮、轴和轴承。借用 KISSys,可以计算任何运动学,并且由于集成了编程语言,可以实现您自己的计算过程和设计。

Managing calculations

The main task performed by KISSsys is managing the calculation data. For this certain system data (drive speed, power, temperatures, etc,) are defined in KISSsys. For calculation of individual machine elements KISSsys then derives the stress data and the peripheral conditions from the defined system data. Kinematics and power flow of the system are managed by KISSsys and checked for consistency. The entire system can be presented in three dimensions.

Managing variants

Most designs occur in variants, either in a series, or through the examination of alternatives in the draft process. In KISSsys the capability of accommodating all occurring variant sizes is explicitly provided. This means that not only a series or different designs can be depicted but also variable loads or peripheral conditions can be captured in this manner.
It is easily possible to specifically examine and optimize individual variants, or to have all variants examined at the same time, for example all shift positions of a shift transmission.
Adaptations through programming

A custom programming language is integrated in KISSsys. This programming language enables definition of complex applications, such as implementing the pre-configuration of entire drive trains. It also allows installation of very special controls, e.g. verification of whether a design will fit into a given housing. Thus calculation specialists within the company can make specialized in-house know-how available through definition of the \”expert systems\”.

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